Elementary Scope & Sequence 2021-22

Elementary students (Nursery through 6th grade) meet on Mondays from 8:50 am-2:30 pm. Students enroll in the entire day of classes, as classes for the elementary program are not offered a la carte.

Each Monday, K-6th Elementary students start their day in Chapel with songs of praise and prayer. Students then go with their class (approximately 12-14 in a class) to Science, History, Lunch, Recess, Book Club, Art and PE. (Exact order of schedule will vary).

Nursery & PreK remain with their own class/teacher for the day.

Kindergarten & 1st stay in one class for Science, History, & Book Club, then join the 2/3 class for Art, & PE.

The 6th grade class is also separate for their core classes, but joins the 4/5 class for Art & PE. Click on the links below for more details on each class:

Nursery CLICK HERE to learn more.

Pre-Kindergarten CLICK HERE to learn more.

Kindergarten program CLICK HERE to learn more.

1st Grade Information CLICK HERE to learn more.

2nd/3rd and 4th/5th Programs CLICK HERE to learn more.

6th Grade Information CLICK HERE to learn more.