6th Grade

Sixth grade is designed to help students have a good first impression and a smooth transition into their secondary years.  The focus is not only on the academic growth, but also on the skills needed to achieve their goals and be prepared for the obstacles to come.  We spend time helping them build organizational skills, keep track of different assignments and deadlines, and develop their time management skills.  These are tools that will help them have the confidence to take on and excel at the next level.

**6th grade students will need to purchase curriculum to be able to
complete a successful school year.**

Science:   Our 6th Grade Science class is designed to help prepare your student for course work at the secondary level. This year students will be studying anatomy and physiology. Students will work on reading for important information, note taking skills, and building scientific vocabulary. Students will be given assignments to complete throughout the week usually taking approximately 30 minutes per day. We will be doing experiments throughout the year to help students become more familiar with the scientific method. Students will also be creating a scientific notebook over the course of the year which will include scientific speculation sheets, scientific drawings, as well as scientific models.

History: The 6th Grade History class is designed to help prepare your student  for coursework at the secondary level. Students will work on reading for information, note taking skills, building vocabulary, and geography skills. Students will be given assignments throughout the week usually taking approximately 30 minutes per day. This year students will be taking a closer look at our country after the Civil War, the US Constitution, our government, and the state that they live in.  Students will also be working on learning the states and capitals as well as the Preamble. Students will be creating their own history notebook including timelines, maps, and other interesting historical pages.

IEW:  Institute for Excellence in Writing lays a solid foundation of writing skills in a gentle (and even fun!) way.  Over the course of the study, students will learn
how to effectively use a wide range of structural models and stylistic techniques in their compositions, as they write on a variety of enjoyable fiction and non-fiction topics. Included with the student handouts are complete teacher’s notes, source texts, assignments, and checklists. Weekly homework will be assigned, and students will be expected to bring their completed assignments to class each FTK class day for sharing and assessment by the tutor. Parents may assign grades based on completion of weekly checklist.

Choir: Our 6th graders will join our secondary choir. Choir will be a balanced course of singing melody and harmony with expression.  It will include reading music, rhythm, form, vocal skills, innovation, historical and cultural context, terminology, analyzing and describing music. There will be two performance opportunities- a Christmas program and Spring program and graduation.

Art: Students will study different techniques and will explore using different medias to create their own art.

PE: Students will learn team work, work on coordination, and agility with games. They will also have time in the classroom learning about proper nutrition and making healthy choices in food.