FTK 2019-2020 Start Dates

August 19, 2019                Secondary Preview & Pizza Day

August 26, 2019                First Day of Classes for Elementary and Secondary

What is For the Kingdom co-op?
We are homeschooling families that have joined together to share in the education of our children. For the Kingdom provides an opportunity for home-educated children to experience learning in a group atmosphere, develop accountability and experience teamwork while growing in character and academic excellence.

We want to cultivate a culture of honor and respect in relationship with one another while giving our children a strong foundation in knowing God and a place to encourage their hearts to love and serve others. 

We are not a school or a drop-off academy, but rather we strive to be a support and encouragement for your family’s home school, as we serve one another.

How can FTK help my homeschool? 

FTK strives to come alongside the homeschool family in various ways.  Our Elementary program offers full Science and History in addition to electives, Choir, P.E. and Art.  This curriculum can be used as an enrichment program or as a full weekly curriculum by just adding Math and Language Arts.

Our Secondary program offers a full array of solid core and elective classes, which satisfy Missouri Jr High and High School requirements.   Classes are offered a la carte, and each student can take up to six classes throughout the day along with time for lunch, clubs and chapel.

This year, we are excited to offer a new Math Concepts program (Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & Geometry, Algebra 2 & Trigonometry)!

Does For the Kingdom have a specific religious affiliation?
For the Kingdom was founded by and is comprised of Christian families. For the Kingdom represents home educators from a variety of Christian backgrounds. We have a wide range of worship expressions, variations in understanding on some practices, and expectations of what Christian living looks like within our co-op. Each person’s individual beliefs and practices are properly respected and honored.

Each family joining For the Kingdom is asked to sign our statement of faith. It’s important for potential members to understand that we want to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all we do and that Christian practices, such as prayer, worship, and reading from the Bible, are a part of our weekly program.

When does For the Kingdom meet?

Elementary students, nursery through 6th grade, meet on Mondays from 8:50 am to 2:30 pm from late August through May. Students enroll in the entire day of classes, as classes for the elementary program are not offered a la carte.

Secondary students, Jr High (7th- 8th grade) and High School (9th- 12th grade), are offered classes on Mondays from 8:30 am to 3:45 pm from mid August through May. Students may take classes a la carte or stay for the entire day.  Jr High and High School classes run 60 minutes each.  Some Core classes will have a 2nd Connect each week through their online Google Classroom.  

Where does For the Kingdom meet?
We are so grateful we get to meet each week at Heart of Life Church at 800 SW 150 HWY, Lees Summit 64082.  They love partnering with us!

Are there any volunteer requirements?
This is truly a cooperative effort in that every family will play an important role in the success of For the Kingdom. A high level of parent involvement is expected. Parents are required to serve on campus two or more Mondays per month. During registration you will be offered the choice of service assignments. We will, as much as possible, honor your preference and convenience. You are not required to be on campus when you are not serving.

Is For the Kingdom for the entire family?
For the Kingdom is a thriving community of families. We actively support families in a variety of ways- including prayer, fellowship, homeschooling seminars, book clubs, serving opportunities and the sharing of educational information and resources. We encourage the entire family to participate, including fathers and grandparents!

Can I schedule a tour of your campus?
Campus tours are encouraged with prior arrangement. We will offer a limited number of “shadow days” to interested families, at the discretion of the administration and teachers. We will also hold multiple Open Houses in the Spring that will give interested families an opportunity to tour the campus, hear more about our program, and ask any additional questions you might have.