1st Grade

Updated for the 2020-2021 Co-op year!

1st Grade (must be at least 6 years old by August 1st)

First grade will be structured to help transition our sweet 6 year-olds from Kindergarten to the more involved FTK schedule of 2nd grade. (i.e. switching classrooms and teachers, fuller class hours, etc.) This class will have no required homework, but for most subjects covered in the classroom there will be homework ideas that parents can implement every week.  The goal of this class is to learn while still having fun in a relaxed yet structured environment.
Science: We will be studying Astronomy, which includes a tour of the solar system while learning about stars, the Sun, the planets, the moon, meteors, asteroids, galaxies, and astronauts..  This course has several fun lap books, videos, and interactive activities.
Art: World Art will cover things like patterns, landscapes, textures, positive/negative space, artists from that time period and more.
P.E. Stretching, fire safety, the food pyramid, road safety, and fun exercise activities are all part of this class that will not only get students moving but thinking about their health too.
History: Students will discover key moments and interesting traditions of history. This will be paired with biographies of people of the time and projects related to what is being learned.
Book Club:  We will be reading and discussing books that can be tied in with our History and Science as well as other books.
Students stay with same teacher for most of the day. They will join the 2nd-3rd grade classes for Art & PE